What is the Livable Centers Initiative?

The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a community planning program sponsored by the Atlanta Regional Commission that provides funding for planning studies and transportation projects in downtowns, activity centers, and corridors throughout the metro region. The program’s goal is to balance transportation and land use, promote a mix of land uses, and encourage sustainable growth.  Learn more by watching the video below.

The Lakewood LCI, funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission, the City of Atlanta, and other local partners, will create a vision for the future of the Lakewood Fairgrounds and surrounding communities, with particular focus on the film industry as an economic driver.

What will the plan address?

The plan focuses on land use, transportation, redevelopment, public facilities, and economic development. The goal of the plan is to build on existing strengths in order to enhance transportation options, create jobs and economic growth, identify key public improvements that can spur private investment and redevelopment, and improve quality of life in the community.

What area is being studied?

The study area includes 1,900 acres of land around the Lakewood Fairgrounds.  (More detailed maps are available by clicking on “Maps” above.)  Significant amounts of land along Pryor Road, Jonesboro Road, Lakewood Avenue, and Metropolitan Parkway are included in the study area.

The study area includes significant portions of the following neighborhoods: Betmar LaVilla, Joyland, Lakewood Heights, Lamar Heights, Perkerson, Sylvan Hills, South Atlanta, and The Villages at Carver. (Some small portions of other neighborhoods are also included, as shown on the map.)

In the News

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